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Hello! As you probably have noticed, my name is Elena. Nice to meet you:)

My vocation is to create. By education i am a theater artist (decorator). In the theater i worked as palys director and costume designer. Teached in an art school (drawing, painting, composition). Currently i'm working in movies as costume designer.

I was exhibited both with paintings and dolls. Dolls and animals are handmade, in different techniques, including traditional Russian dolls from scraps.

Everything around should be fascinating and harmonious, pleasing the eye and soul. The space around can be miraculously transformed by just a few strokes, whether it is painting, bag, picture frame or a soft handmade cat. I can do this and I love to do this: putting my soul into what I am doing, creating something that will bring joy to this world out of nothing. I will be gald to add joy to your life too :)

The site contains some of my work (far from all). If you are interested - please contact via the contact form or rewrite this text one hundred times, send it to your friends, and happiness will soon be provided with all people (do not forget to include the site address). Yeah!!!

Well, or just write :)

I accept orders for toys, dolls, design of life and accessories!

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